Meet the Cats

March 2, 2017

I've spent the last few evenings feeding the kitties. They have slowly started to come closer and tonight they even seemed to be waiting for us. I've identified 14 cats, but the neighbors' estimates originally ranged from 12-20.

Update: 9 of the 14 have been trapped

7 have been fixed, vaccinated and released


Left to right: Pinecone, Fern, and Clover


I call these babies the Three Amigos. They are the first to be seen and are usually together. I'd guess they are 6 months old and siblings. Pinecone and Fern are female and Clover is a male. Fern is the most outgoing. She's the first one brave enough to eat with me there but once she proved it was safe, the other two were close behind.

Update: All three have been caught, spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and released

Another update: Fern and Clover are still very outgoing, despite the trapping trauma. They are still the ones that I'm most likely to see up there and will actually come quite close to me to eat. Clover acts like our wing man now in the trapping. He will go right up to the set traps and almost lead other cats in. I'm sure this isn't what he's meaning to do, but it has helped us!








Ash is hopefully just one cat. I can't be positive there isn't more than one black cat but I've only ever seen one at a time, so I'm hoping it's just Ash. He hangs close to the 3 Amigos but not too close. He's always around watching but keeps his distance. He could be another Amigo sibling but he could also be a bit older than them. I would guess closer to 8 months, but it's hard to tell as he keeps his distance.

Update: There are at least 7 black cats. Ash is the youngest and has been trapped.