Wildlife Camera Discoveries

March 7, 2017

Just picked up Honeysuckle and Pinecone from their surgeries and vaccinations! They're doing great, resting in the kennel together. Pinecone is a girl and Honeysuckle is a boy! I guessed wrong on these two. The vets guessed Pinecone is about 6 months and Honeysuckle is 2 years old. That seems about right to me. A neighbor who lives nearby is pretty sure Pinecone, Fern, and Clover are all from the same litter so they might all be about 6 months old. Lucky Pinecone wasn't pregnant or in heat so it's possible she hasn't yet reached maturity.


I also got the pictures from the last few days off the wildlife camera and there are some interesting discoveries.

 A new cat! I'm calling her Walnut. She looks fully grown and I haven't seen her before on the camera or in person.



 We've had a few raccoons show up, but this one doesn't have a tail! I'd seen him before on the camera from behind but I didn't actually know what he was. Looks like a bear from behind. I'd love to know his story!



 Something I've suspected... TWO black cats! Finally proved it. I'm calling one Ash and one Willow. I don't know how to tell them apart. I'm currently going through all my black cat pictures to try and figure it out. It might not be possible until I catch one and get its ear tipped.



Speaking of which...