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Juniper, aka Sasquatch

While the trapping is on a short hiatus, I thought I'd write a little piece about the big daddy of the colony, Juniper. He's also picked up the name Sasquatch, for obvious reasons.

He's the biggest of the bunch, and he's pretty reliable to be around when I come to do the feeding. He has sniffed around when I'm trapping, but has not had any interest at all in going in a trap. He might be a tricky one to catch. He's captured our interest though because he's so striking and unusual.

He's also interesting to me because he looks very much like a cat my parents adopted a few months ago that just turned up at their house one day. They live about 2 blocks from the colony, so I really think Juniper might be related to their new kitty! She was definitely not feral though. She looked feral but she really wanted their attention from the very beginning. When we finally got her inside, however, she did seem pretty unfamiliar with being in a house. She has settled in very quickly, but her origins are a mystery! This is Gizmo:

Maybe we have our very own reformed feral in the family!

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