Introducing Sunflower's Kittens!

March 29, 2017

Today our kittens turn three weeks old! It's time to introduce them to the world in all their cuteness!


 Our biggest kitten is Holly, a little fuzzy grey tabby. She (we think it's a she, not 100% sure yet) is one of the braver kittens. She loves tummy rubs and likes to go exploring to the very edge of your lap! Here she is chilling in my lap like a champ. It's not a very good quality picture but I thought it showed her sweet calm face.


 Our next biggest is Chestnut. He's a sweet short-haired grey tuxedo cat with white paws and one grey toe (SO CUTE). He's got a round tummy and the tiniest little white tip on his grey tail. He's going to be a cutie! Chestnut also has the faintest tabby stripes showing through his grey. All of these kittens have a hint of tabby to them, which is just the sweetest.


 The middle child is Dandelion, who is a black tuxie! He has the sweetest face that I seriously have fallen for because he looks a bit like my Junebug. It's the black face with white whiskers that gets me. He also has a white bib and paws. He also goes by Mr. Bibs. :-)