The Exciting Role of Organization!

April 7, 2017

 Which would you like pictures of today: kittens or spreadsheets? Spreadsheets?! I thought so.


This is really the key to the whole project right here:


This is my magical colony census. Here are all the cats I have identified along with any details I know about them, and hopefully clues to recognizing them specifically among the others. It also tells me where they are in the process. You can see here at Ash and Ivy have been fixed and vaccinated but not released yet. Juniper, Elm, Willow, Tulip, and Peanut have yet to be caught. It also tells me what I spent at TCAP for each of them. Hickory had a bit of a complication so she cost more, and Ash and Ivy benefited from a special TCAP are doing (free rabies shots, yay!) so they cost less.


My other key tool is to keep track of expenses vs donations. It contains some personal information of our donators so I won't post it here. Besides TCAP expenses, it tracks supplies, kitten vet bills, and food.

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