One Year Later

February 20, 2018

It's been about a year since I first started working with the feral cat colony in my neighborhood, and it's nearly time for me to return. In the next few weeks I will set my camera back up and get back to work! I'll start posting regularly again when that happens. 


In the meantime, I thought I would give a few updates on my TNR and fostering adventures. Sunflower's kittens all went to wonderful homes and I will hopefully be posting recent photos of them on their first birthday, March 8. I'll give some more details about them then in a special birthday post.



My Nine-Cat Summer

Last June, I got a call from a client and friend about some kittens she found in her backyard. I went to trap them and their mom but had no luck. Mama was way too smart for our trap. So I left them for the night, planning to return the next day. Overnight, Mama moved the kittens. It was devastating! We felt so close but now we had no idea where these tiny babies were. We made some fliers and delivered them to neighbors and again I returned home. The next day I got a message from another neighborhood that a lady had trapped two kittens and now didn't know what to do with them. They were pretty feral so rescues wouldn't take them. Because I had already made up a kitten area for the now lost babies, I went to pick these little ferals up. My goal was to socialize and adopt them out, thinking they were maybe 6 weeks old. 


We called the black one Darjeeling (DJ) and the other Chai. They were both boys and both had big tummies full of worms. We got them settled in and to the vet and quickly realized they were not 6 weeks old, but closer to 10 weeks old. Uh oh. Eight weeks is the magic age to socialize ferals. After that it can be very difficult. What had I gotten myself into... 

Well I'm writing this 9 months later so I can tell you. Trouble. These were not adoptable cats. They hid quietly all day in their room. They ate fine and we could hear them playing with each other but they wanted nothing to do with us. After MONTHS of hard work, they're just about social enough to want to be with us. They won't come sit on your lap, but both enjoy petting and Chai will come sleep on the bed with us sometimes. Because yes, we still have them. They are our cats now. We have four cats now. We decided to keep them because they still would not make normal pet cats, but mostly because they have fallen head over heels in love with our Mowgli. Chai especially.