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Two Released, Two Caught!

We released Clover and Fern yesterday morning. Clover was definitely ready to go. He'd discovered how to hiss, and was practicing every chance he could! Fern was still very docile, but she was being protected by her big brother. We brought them in their kennel to the colony and opened the door. Clover shot out like a rocket, but Fern took a minute longer. Once she did leave, she stopped a few feet away and turned to look at us for a minute before scampering off. Be still my heart!

Later in the evening, James and I went back to see if we could catch anyone else. Our priority is mama Sunflower but of course we can't really pick and choose. Her and Pinecone were the first to emerge once we set the traps and little Pinecone got himself trapped pretty quickly. This scared Sunflower off for the evening, unfortunately. We hung around a while longer and got Honeysuckle too! I dropped them off at TCAP this morning. They are both gorgeous up close. Pinecone has a silvery tone to him and the tiniest little paws. Honeysuckle is stunning. She was a big hit at TCAP. She does have a little gash under her eye though, looks like it's a few weeks old maybe. It's sort of healed but not all the way. I pointed it out to the vets there and they're going to clean it up a bit and I paid for an antibiotic shot while she's under. Hopefully that'll fix her up and stop any further problems.

While they're at TCAP, I went back to the colony and tried to get Sunflower again. There's a very kind woman who has offered to foster her and her babies so I really want to get her before she has them! Sunflower doesn't run from me any more. She watched me walk in the gate, set the traps and walk away. After a while I came back and she had eaten the food out of one and walked out! Clever, frustrating girl! The rest of the time I was there she sat in the sun cleaning herself, acting very pleased. On the plus side, I saw Clover and Fern cuddled together in their usual place on top of the shed. Life has gone back to normal for them.

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