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Three at a time!

Well today was a bit of a day! After learning about three new cats yesterday, I now have them all trapped! I brought Iris to TCAP this morning, and as I arrived a neighbor texted that she was able to trap this pretty boy (Basil) who I'd never seen before on camera or in person. So I got Iris checked in then went back home and picked up Basil and brought him back to TCAP. Luckily TCAP bent the rules a bit for me and let me drop him off late. He is gorgeous, long-haired and black with a white chest and white paws.

While Iris and Basil were having their surgeries I got another call from the same neighbor who'd managed to catch Spruce! He was too late for TCAP today so I've got him cozy in a big trap until Thursday.

Before yesterday I didn't even know these three cats existed and now they are all in my garage! They don't seem to socialize with the others in the colony, and as far as I know they are the only ones in the Southeast group.

This afternoon I was able to pick up Basil and Iris from their surgeries and they are now in the kennel next to Spruce. At least they can all have some company for the next few days.

Interestingly though, Basil seems quite gentle and friendly. He enjoyed a little head scratch and even let me pick him up when he escaped into my garage as I put their litter box in. He's definitely one to watch and maybe he could move out of the colony after this and into a home. For now though, he's resting and recovering with Iris.

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