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Wildlife Camera Discoveries

Just picked up Honeysuckle and Pinecone from their surgeries and vaccinations! They're doing great, resting in the kennel together. Pinecone is a girl and Honeysuckle is a boy! I guessed wrong on these two. The vets guessed Pinecone is about 6 months and Honeysuckle is 2 years old. That seems about right to me. A neighbor who lives nearby is pretty sure Pinecone, Fern, and Clover are all from the same litter so they might all be about 6 months old. Lucky Pinecone wasn't pregnant or in heat so it's possible she hasn't yet reached maturity.

I also got the pictures from the last few days off the wildlife camera and there are some interesting discoveries.

A new cat! I'm calling her Walnut. She looks fully grown and I haven't seen her before on the camera or in person.

We've had a few raccoons show up, but this one doesn't have a tail! I'd seen him before on the camera from behind but I didn't actually know what he was. Looks like a bear from behind. I'd love to know his story!

Something I've suspected... TWO black cats! Finally proved it. I'm calling one Ash and one Willow. I don't know how to tell them apart. I'm currently going through all my black cat pictures to try and figure it out. It might not be possible until I catch one and get its ear tipped.

Speaking of which...

Little Fern showing off her new ear tip! If you've wondered what they look like, here you go! TCAP just takes off the very tip so it's not actually that pronounced. You might not notice unless you're looking. Her and Clover are in a lot of these photos so it looks like they've picked up where they left off.

This last one just made me laugh:

This is the moment Ash (or is it Willow??) was fully in the trap on the right but didn't trip it. I didn't realize I would be in any pictures!

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