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I Got Her!!!

Yesterday I caught Sunflower!!! I realized she wouldn't go near the traps when she knew I was nearby, so I went farther out of site than normal, and it worked!

She was very good in the trap and the car. Not as afraid as some of the others have been. I got her in the car right away and drove her to Jeri's, her new foster home. Jeri kindly offered to keep Sunflower until the kittens are born and weaned. So so kind. We brought her up to her new home in a cozy spare bathroom with lots of hidey holes and beds and towels and let her get settled in. She had a few moments when we let her out, but really she calmed down pretty quickly. She's a quiet and resourceful kitty.

Today I got up and released Pinecone and Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle particularly wasn't enjoying his time in captivity. Pinecone had a friendly look to her, but Honey was a bit of a mess if I'm honest. He's the only cat so far who's tried to scratch me through the cage/kennel. He's just scared though. They both were very happy to be home! They zoomed out of the kennel without a second look!

I've learned from a very kind neighbor that Pinecone (she calls her Suni) is actually quite friendly. She's even picked her up! This neighbor was happy to have her back nearby and may even try to adopt her eventually if Piney will let her. I think it looks good for her, she did really well with me!

That's 4 who have been caught and released, and Sunflower currently being kept. I learned that my new big tabby, Walnut, is actually someone's pet! BUT we have three black cats. I saw them all in person last night and they look pretty identical. So 9 cats identified at the moment, and 5 taken care of. Not a bad start. I will have to take a break for a week or two while I cope with pet sitting during Spring Break, but I'll be back to get the 3 black ones and Juniper soon!

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