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Things are going well at the kitty colony. I'm regaining their trust after the flurry of trapping then disappearing over Spring Break. At first I would go feed them and see no cats, but now they're peeking out of all their little hidey-holes while I'm putting the food out. If I sit quietly for a minute a few will come out and eat with me there. Fern, Clover, and Ash are the most reliable. Fern has been getting pretty close actually. I'm hoping one day she'll let me pet her! Baby steps.

The wildlife camera got these precious pictures of Pinecone and Fern.

Hi buddy!

There is also a sequence of Honeysuckle playing with what I'm assuming is a bug. It's always fun to see these feral cats act like our regular house cats.

Speaking of Honeysuckle, he came to visit me at my house last night! I live about 3 blocks from the colony, along Grapevine Lake. Around bedtime, my cat Mowgli started howling and when I came to see what the matter was, there was Honeysuckle sitting on my porch staring at Mowgli! I like to think he was coming to say hi!

This is another example I got of the ferals acting like my own house cats. Here's Ash, Clover, and Fern (on the stone fence to the left) having little baths after their dinner :)

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