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FIV and FELV Negative!

I'm happy to report Sunflower's kittens are negative for feline leukemia and FIV! Great news!!!

They also got their first dose of dewormer today and officially have been sexed. We guessed right on all of them except Holly, who is a boy! Here's the little guy:

And because there's never too many kitten pictures, here's the rest of our healthy little babies!

Chestnut (male, look at that chubby tummy!):

Dandelion (male, WHISKERS!):

Buttercup (female, fuzz head <3 ):

And lastly, Poppy (female, teeny tiny white chin):

These cuties will be 4 weeks old on Wednesday and so that means about 4-6 for weeks until they can be adopted. Please let me know if you're interested in one or two! You can fill out my contact form on this website or email me at, or call or text 817-690-0834.

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