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Another Successful Trapping (with one kitten-sized hitch)

I was back trapping tonight in the new spot where we've started feeding. It went well! Little Ash was basically at my car before I'd even got the traps out! So instead of going to the back yard I just set one up where we were and in he went! Fastest trapping yet!

I then went back and set up another one in the feeding station. It wasn't long before Ivy (long haired black) came to check it out. She sniffed around for a while, then Elm turned up. I think Elm is the boss. He's all black too and pretty scruffy looking, but when he turned up Ivy laid down and didn't move while he scoped everything out. He was not impressed by the trap or bait and jumped back over the fence pretty quickly. When he was gone, Ivy decided to have a little nap on top of the cage while I waited getting increasingly antsy.

THEN once she was rested, she went in and was trapped! Two more down!


When I was packing up to leave, I saw a couple more black cats run across the road into a neighbor's yard. I went to investigate and found a beautiful fluffy black cat I've never seen before... and a kitten. I'm guessing 2-3 months old, but unmistakably a kitten. Probably born around the time I first started this project. So either there are more kittens hiding around or this is the only lucky one, but either way, not exactly happy news.

So I thought I'd reached the magic 75% of the cats to be fixed with numbers 8 and 9 that I trapped tonight, but alas it was not to be. We'll be on the look out for these two, and any other kittens that might be hiding around. I've decided to call them Tulip and Peanut.

Even though it's not great news overall, kittens are cute no matter what. This picture made me laugh (look for Peanut!)

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