The Land Before Time Kittens

April 10, 2018

I took the baby kittens to the vet today (Argyle Veterinary Hospital, woop!) to be checked out and given their first dose of dewormer. They've been officially sexed so I can now announce their names!



They are the Land Before Time kittens! From left to right above: Littlefoot (grey and white, female), Spike (black tuxedo, male), Ducky (tiger tabby, male), Petrie (all black, male), and in front: Cera (tabby with white paws, female).


The names and the vet trip came because Littlefoot, our little grey and white female, has a slightly deformed foot. The vet said it is likely congenital and will just be something she will learn to accommodate for as she grows. It doesn't cause her any pain, and will just make her a very special little girl!




They're still a bit too young to be very interactive but here's a few more pictures from our adventure today.